Dust City

Dust City is an NFT collection of 3333 Citizens who are trying to survive and revive civilization.

Mint Details

Supply: 3333 + 1/1 Price: 0.5 SOL Mint Date: October 26th, 2022
Additionally, there will be a limited NFT offering with a unique 1/1 art. These NFTs will be raffled off for SOL or $NCTR tokens, as well as at auctions. 1/1 NFTs will receive increased staking rewards.

Official Rarity

The only official source of rarity is the metadata of each NFT, which can be viewed on blockchain scanners, wallets, and marketplaces.
Below is an example of the metadata of a random NFT, where, among other things, you can see the "Rarity" property:
Is Official Rarity Important?
Yes! It affects the rewards you receive from NFT staking. See the Staking section for more information. In the example above, you can also see the "Staking multiplier" property, which depends entirely on the official rarity of the NFT.