Dust City Staking
NFTs from the Dust City collection can be staked on this page.
Depending on the rarity, each Dust City NFT can let the holder earn from 2.25 (1x multiplier) to 11.25 (5x multiplier) $NCTR per day. Information about the multiplier is contained in the metadata of each token ("Staking multiplier").
Official rarity and staking multipliers:
  • common - 1x;
  • uncommon - 1.1x;
  • rare - 1.2x;
  • epic - 1.4x;
  • legendary - 1.7x;
  • mythic - 2x;
  • special - 2-4x (depends on the initial rarity);
  • 1/1 - 5x.
The NFTs that belong to the starting supply of 3333 tokens have x1-2 multiplier staking.
Rektville Staking
You can stake Rektville NFTs here. Your Rektville NFTs earns 0.225 $NCTR / day.