$NCTR is Dust City's official token developed on the Solana Blockchain.
By staking Dust City NFTs and Rektville NFTs, you are able to earn $NCTR.
You can buy and sell $NCTR tokens on Raydium liquidity pool or Famous Foxes Token Market.​

$NCTR will be used for:

  • NFT raffles;
  • NFT auctions;
  • Dust City Court (closed);
  • Evolution;
  • payments for official merch;
  • 1/1 arts.
  • Community Rewards: 100%.
100% of the tokens will be distributed exclusively between the holders of the Dust City and Rektville NFT collections through staking.

Final token supply: 5 000 000 $NCTR.

On November 28, 2022, a liquidity pool was created on Raydium. Its initial volume was 182,939 $NCTR + 500 SOL with an initial price of 0.002 SOL (1 SOL = 500 NCTR). Due to the Raydium exploit on December 16, 2022, liquidity was withdrawn and then returned to the pool at the price that was set at the time of the exploit ($96,995 NCTR + 670 SOL).
Important: The $NCTR token supply is final, so it is not possible to issue new tokens, which is confirmed by the “Fixed Supply” line in the Solana Explorer.
Initially, the supply of the token was 25,000,000 $NCTR. However, after a thorough analysis and recalculation of tokenomics, the team decided to reduce the emission by 80% and burn 20,000,000 tokens. Burning took place in 4 stages of 5,000,000 tokens.
10% of the $NCTR tokens received by the project after special events (for example, the World Cup 2022 Prediction Game), as well as community raffles organized by the Dust City project, are burned.